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First of all we are proud to present a new upcoming star – Peter Heding.
Peter has been around for a few years now, but this spring he officially announced that he is making pipes full time.
Peter has a PSD in diabetes and has been working full time with research and lab work in the medicinal industries. He has now quit his job to concentrate 100% on the pipes – call that dedication.
Peter is a born natural talent when it comes to pipe making and we are sure he will do well in a world with Kent’s, Teddy’es and Tokutomi’s. We wish him all the luck.
We actually got the first two pipes from his brand new workshop and if they set the standard, it’s looking very promising.

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1.  Peter Heding Dubliner - rusticated - box wood ring
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Price USD 741,97

2.  Peter Heding Fish, w. horn, diamond grade
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Price USD 1.499,09

3.  Peter Heding Tomato, w. box wood

4.  Peter Heding Volcano - Smooth




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