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We are happy and proud to introduce a new pipe maker in our line of individual high grade pipe makers.
Gian Maria Gamboni is his name. A relative young talent not widely known - yet...!
Gian is from Italy and in his mid forties; he has been making pipes in the past 5-6 years. He picked up his original inspiration from the classic British shapes that he learned to love and admirer while he was a young boy, seeing his father enjoying them.
Gian has an almost magic way to dissolve and loosen up the very straight and organized image of the classic pipes - often with a touch of humor, well balanced and without overdoing it.
This is exactly why we love his pipes - they add a new and fresh breeze to as well the classic shapes as to many fancy and artistic free-hands around.
Gamboni pipes has a clear style of their own, please have a look and welcome Gian Maria...

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1.  Gamboni Half Bent Apple
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Price USD 358,54

2.  Gamboni Rhodesian
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Price USD 537,80

3.  Gamboni Zantaf Smooth
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Price USD 776,83




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